About OSHA Fast Fix

The Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970 mandates that businesses shall have written plans that address the standards in their industry. The state agencies are responsible for the regulatory and administrative aspects of both State and Federal OSHA compliance.

OSHA Fast Fix, Inc. is a California corporation that was formed in 2000 to provide written safety plans that meet the regulatory standards for each business industry. Our web site provides OSHA written compliance plans for 26 different Industry Categories. These safety plans are personalized and emailed to the customer.

Our 20+ years of experience started with the formation of an OSHA onsite consulting company "FACILITY SAFETY TEAM". The company worked with all types of businesses to achieve OSHA regulatory compliance. Our consultants provided the following services:

a. Completed comprehensive on-site OSHA Inspections and produced written reports with findings and corrective action plans;

b. Wrote business OSHA compliance Safety and Health Plans;

c. Implemented programs to meet compliance requirement with Sate and Federal OSHA Regulations;

d. Provided loss control and risk management audits for workers compensation claims;

e. Provided safety, health and work place security training programs for management & employees.

Our past experience has shown us that businesses want a user friendly safety program that addresses their specific OSHA requirements.

OSHA Fast Fix is the Nation’s #1 provider of written safety plans by providing the perfect cost effective solution for your business.